Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/23/2013

Today let's talk with some really cool Fearless writing with elementary kids using a neat 3D app for the iPad. As I prepped for an interview this past week to interview Joli Barker for Every Classroom Matters, I came across this neat project and couldn't wait for the show to air to share it with you!

Another interesting item for this time of year is the edublog awards. It is Edublog award time. I'm sure that the critics will come running out, banners ablaze about how educators need no reward, however, through the years, I've added some great blogs, podcasts, and people to my PLN. I think that educators don't get enough rewards and certainly there are enough in business. Certainly there are flaws with any voting system, but the edublogs I know have personally helped some people find me, and for that I'm grateful. Some very good people finally get noticed and I'm sure there will be some more newcomers this year. Take time to nominate if you'd like to put some favorites in the mix.

There's also a great film to share with your schoolboard and studetns about what “most schools don't teach” as you work to talk about coding an programming in your schools.

3D Writing with Augmented Reality

Edublog Award Nominations are Open

  • The edublog award nominations are open. This award meant a lot to me when it helped me find so many great blogs for my RSS reader and then, somehow people found me too. Take time to make your nominations of your favorites. Here's how.

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What Most Schools Don't Teach: Coding – a video to share

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  1. Hello my name is Sally Gajewski and I am a student of EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading this because I am an avid gamer. My husband and I play dungeons and dragons and he likes to use current events to inspire his game sessions. Thank you

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