ECM Show #30: Will we promote financial ignorance in high school? @finedchat

Brian Page, @FinEdChat has recently won the William A Forbes Public Awareness Awards and Milken National Educator Award at the CEE National Conference (@council4econed).

Listen to this show now by clicking this image.

Listen to this show now by clicking this image.

He understands how to teach financial education to students and the types of things that students should be learning in high school.
As I researched to record the show, I started thinking about where financial education happens. Usually college is where you start learning about money. I had an Accounting class in high school. It was practical and I saw how I could use it. I enjoy teaching Accounting for this reason.

  • But think about it — if we only teach financial education in college are we staying that only people who go to college deserve to have money?
  • Are we relegating kids who only go to high school to be without out?
  • Aren't we discriminating by not teaching the most practical of skills to all of our students?
  • If we want to turn around the financial health of the United States, doesn't it start by helping all citizens be more fiscally responsible?
  • Are we promoting financial ignorance by not including this topic in our curriculum?
  • Are school boards and local businesses asking to know exactly what kinds of financial education is happening in their school systems? Upon such may beat the future heartbeat of your local economy.

I think it is embarrassing to be accepting money to include product placement in standardized tests but to completely leave students uneducated about predatory lending and misleading marketing.

Every student in every school deserves financial education. Listen to this week's episode of Every Classroom Matters with Brian Page to get started and add him to your PLN.

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4 thoughts on “ECM Show #30: Will we promote financial ignorance in high school? @finedchat

  1. Hello again! We “met” via a Google chat in Jeff Stanzler’s AIC class a few weeks ago but I had no idea then that you do SO MUCH outside of the classroom. Your blog and podcasts are excellent!

    I really loved this post and am excited that financial literacy is an issue that a lot of educators are passionate about. Although I am going to be an English teacher, I believe so strongly that financial literacy is important, and I love the fact that you asked your guest for resources – I’m really excited to look into them!

    I was also happy that you brought up the issue of equity in financial literacy instruction by acknowledging the value of non-college bound students and their right to this information.

    At one point in your podcast I was thinking that it is too bad that financial literacy isn’t part of the standardized test itself; it would certainly be added to the high school curriculum if that were the case.That being said, I was really disheartened to hear that there is product placement in standardized tests. This really blows my mind. I’m really curious about what this looks like – are products built into math story problems?

    Thanks again for this great post. I’m really excited to keep up with you by following your blog. Oh, and thanks for being a participant in the AIC simulation, it is such a great experience and your students have been so great!! – Eliza (Silver Game NSA)

    • Eliza! Silver game Rocks!!! You don’t know this yet but you all are presenting with my students next week at the global education conference!!!

      As for the product placement- I understand it is their product names just about anywhere! It shouldn’t be allowed.
      Vicki Davis

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