Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 08/16/2012

  • Are we putting too many non-content related grades in our marking systems that are causing disorganized children to think they aren't college material and to cause entitlement among those who do homework and turn things in thinking that just because they work hard that they deserve a good grade? This family circle article coupled with some of the entitlement research has me thinking. Read: Making the Grade: When Do Kids Deserve A's It is also an argument for standards based assessment. Take a read. 
  • There are some fascinating things you can do with Kinect in the classroom. You can download these files and hook up a Kinect to your computer to allow motion capture (against a greenscreen), painting with gestures, and all kinds of things. There are people using kinect in powerful ways with special needs children as well. Here's the official webpage for Kinect in Education.
  • Here's a listing of our current projects. Follow the link to apply. Flat Classroom Project – Deadline September 1, 2012  APPLY NOW! Digiteen Project – Deadline September 15, 2012  APPLY NOW! ‘A Week in the Life…'  – Deadline September 1, 2012  APPLY NOW! NetGenEd  – Project based on the Horizon Report published in January each year – Deadline February 1, 2013 – APPLY NOW! K-2 ‘Building Bridges to Tomorrow' Project – Deadline September 15, 2012 – APPLY NOW! Eracism – Information and Applications available August 15, 2012
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