Arthus started Freelancing when he was Twelve!!

Tonight I broadcast on my live TV channel (did I just say TV channel — what?) from my hotel room in Maine and talked about Wikinomics and my initial thoughts for education. It was a little choppy on the hotel wifi, but the best show was on Kristin's channel — is the one you MUST WATCH!

The best TV show tonight

As we hopped from teacher channel to tv channel — the best show one happened when Kristin Hokanson and I interviewed Arthus, on Kristin's channel. Arthus is a 14 year old who has been freelancing since he was 12 over on kristin's channel — she figured out how to stream with skype on ustream — it was really great.

It is an important must listen!

I think this one is the best one to listen to– I was amazed at Arthus!! This is our new student.

Kristin really knows a lot about ustream.

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4 thoughts on “Arthus started Freelancing when he was Twelve!!

  1. Thanks for the complments! Let’s hope I can live up to them.

    I agree, it was loads of fun. I hope to see you around the net, especially in ustream/K12Online. I also sent you an email regarding a possible interview. (I’d be glad to do it)

  2. Vicki–
    You are right this is better listened to than watched 🙂 Wasn’t prepared for a live show, but it was fun to try out some tools. I still question how this can be used ethically and with bandwidth issues…but talking with Arthus has proven that we need to start these conversations so that we can meet needs of the kids in the schools.

  3. Great interview. The comments were timely for me in my own personal struggle to be a strong advocate for using Web 2.0 tools in education; address the digital divide issues; ensure safety and ethics be an intregal part of both my responsibility as a professional educator and that of my student’s experience.

    I just introduced Arthus to one of my professional colleagues who teaches at his school. When I mentioned that he was 12 years old when he started his own business, she started to reflect on her own 12 year old experience and where she was at. I reminded her that when she (WE) were 12, we didn’t live in a flat world — the resources that students like Arthus have were NOT at our fingertips. Thank goodness, students like Arthus (and others I know like him) have the opportunities that this flat world brings them! Kudos to you for seizing the opportunity to introduce Arthus to so many of us who have much to learn from him (and you)

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