You want me to do WHAT?

When I saw this video today, I saw myself.  This is taken from a US game where the players have to contort their body to fit the hole in the foamboard.

So often, I feel like this woman… asked to do the unrealistic with the material I have to work with.   I find myself saying: 

“How on earth am I going to do THAT!!”

Hey, at least she kept her sense of humor! 

But, honestly, not knowing what you're expected to do and then all of a sudden, meeting the students or looking at your budget and realizing that it is impossible is a tough thing!!!

I had an unrealistic cell phone budget one year that everyone agreed was impossible for me, but upper management did nothing about it.  Hopeless makes us feel helpless and we end up in the water.

The only way I made it through was to tell everyone… OK, don't think this is possible.  It's not possible and to preserve my own attitude so I could enjoy life during the trial.

This is a one time thing and we laugh – but remember, if she had to do this a lot (the person in the video) – at some point she'd quit.  Unfortunately, there are many teachers in that boat right now.

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2 thoughts on “You want me to do WHAT?

  1. I really enjoyed this blog because as a college student seeking a degree in education, it is tought sometimes to keep pressing on. If you look at everything that you have due along with all of the exams sometimes your schedule gets overwhelming and you think you might not be able to pull through. Like you said though, it is important to keep a positive attitude through everything. As a teacher, I will need to keep a positive attitude even when I feel overwhelmed by all the standards I need to teach and all the students I need to reach.

  2. Buckeye 12: Not only will that help you in school, once you are teaching it will allow you to support your students in not becoming overwhelmed and giving up.

    Letting them know that you are learning also (as teachers are always learning) and facing challenges with a “well, let’s go to plan B…Z” attitude gives your students a role model and confidence to keep working.

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