Time for Educators to Get up off the couch!

Just sent this message to the Edurunners, which gives you a glimpse of how Daily Mile works and how we are connecting and using this to motivate ourselves towards fitness.

Hi everyone! We have 35 members of edurunners! That is so cool.  Here are some suggestions to get the most from the group:

1) Connect –
See this as a way to find other educators or retired educators who work out, go through the membership list and add some as friends and then set your mind to encouraging them.

2) Care
After you've friended, encourage people in the group (and beyond) – it makes me feel good to get motivations and reminders when I'm not working out like I should and to see that all of us (event 12 mile Franklin D – the leaderboard leader of our group this week) might not feel so good.

3) Converse
Questions are being asked on our discussion board – PLEASE answer and help (like one this week about treadmills) – if you know a lot – share — if you don't know a lot -ask and encourage.  But do it!  Just go to community and groups and head to edurunners.

4) Coach
If you know something help others – cybraryman1 on Twitter (who I think joined the group) is encouraging me everywhere.

5) Log it, baby, log it
You can log any kind of physical exercise except picking up a fork to lift to your mouth!  While everyone else is getting fat over the holidays we are living on the fat of life that comes from having the endorphins of exercise helping us see the colors clearer, thinking more bountifully, and having an up beat mental attitude!  Share and log it!

Finally, since I'm almost done with my little “preachy” note (which as much to me as it is to you) — let's share the group and learn to use the power of social networking to improve our individual lives. 

We as educators will be paid in an inheritance in the future — it will be one of gratitude or looking down upon us thinking we missed it.  We teach an obese generation and we, of all people, MUST BE SEEN to be working to be fit, shed the extra pounds that keep our minds and bodies harnessed to the limits which aren't really there.

I'm forty and started running and now can run five miles (or surely more) without stopping.  Running is my salve and my drug – my addiction and my enjoyment – it helps me keep myself together.

I can't believe I'm even saying this!  I will say that this group has become a great encouragement to me as we friend one another and plan to share this little email on my blog before I head to the grocery store!

OK, edurunners (or eduwalkers or eduworkouters) or whatever kind of edu-fitness person you are — start connecting!

You all are amazing.  Oh, and by the way:
Franklin D has 12 miles this week
Ted B has 10 and Alicia and Sheri are tied for third at 8 miles with Aaron having 6.

I'm having  a tough week with only four miles, but then again, I do have today and tomorrow so watchout leaderboard!

Get out there and move it today!

I don't use half of the features of Daily Mile, but if you map routes, etc. this lets you map routes even if you don't have Nike+ipod, etc.  I'm going to work on this, but it is a great tool!

So, if you are doing anything with fitness, consider this an invitation to join us!  As you may know, I used the couch to 5K app starting the last week of July when I couldn't even run to the mailbox!  Now I can run five miles without stopping and have as a goal to break a 10 minute mile and run a sub-30 minute 5K (will it ever be?)  I feel SOOO much better and though I blog a little less, I'd a lot rather post three posts a week here and live another 20 years than post 7 days a week and die in 5 years! ;-)

What Couch to 5K does is that it tells you when to run and when to walk and at the end of 9 weeks, you can run a 5K! It is crazy but IT WORKS.  Just search for it in the itunes store, and I use the one that is the brown icon.  I'm asking for a Nike+Ipod for Christmas to get the sensor that can map even more detail.

There is a huge mind body connection, I mean our mind is part of our body.  I find that I think more clearly and experience things so much better since running and in fact, somehow it has overflown into many areas of my life.

So, join us.  Be a part of a network of encouragement, not only for our classrooms, but for the wellness of our bodies. After all, our students ARE WATCHING!

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