There She Is!

Playing peekabo with my baby daughter is a fond memory. Wherever she was, she'd cover her touseled head in a blanket — I'd sneak up on her and say:

“Peekabo – there she is!”

Tonight I had that experience with myself. Just home from Weight Watchers, I've just “officially” lost 25.6 pounds. I say officially because I started on their program a week before I weighed in and that week I lost 5 pounds. So, on my records it is 30.6 pounds since the second week of July and 35.6 pounds since July 2009.

So, I ran home and ate dinner with my son and jumped in the shower. I got out and was drying my hair. As I flipped it backwards I caught a glimpse of my own face in the mirror.

“Peekaboo – there she is!”

I teared up. I actually recognized myself. For the first time in four years I saw a glimpse of the me I remember from all of my life. The me I grew up with and that married Kip and that has spent life walking and talking on this planet.

I can't tell you how much it means to know that I'm fighting this fight and right now I'm making progress.

Listen, the only people on this planet without problems are in the graveyard! We all have excuses. Reasons. Problems. Struggles. That is life.

You're not just what you eat – you are a product of what you do.  This moment in time you are a product of all of the decisions that you have made up until this point. And this time next month you will be a product of the choices you made between today and then. Next year you will be a product of the choices you made between today and then. Who will you be?

Take your life by the horns and decide you want to be. As Joyce Meyer's says, it is not just about the ability-  lots of us have ability, but rather it is about Stability.

Do you have the stability to make good decisions day in and day out? Can you? Will you?

I don't care what diet or exercise plan you pick – but you should exercise and eat healthy foods.
I don't care what classroom management technique you pick – but you should have one that works to keep your classroom manageable.
I don't care what technology you use – but you should use technology that reaches this generation and makes it fun to learn.

It really isn't about the car you drive but rather, your destination in that car. 

And, I'm going to tell you something my friends – if this 40 year old woman who USED to be 50 pounds overweight can take her heart, prayers, and life and put them towards a goal like this and lose weight – by golly, you can to!

What is your destination? Look at it. It is that time again. What decisions will you make and where will they take you?

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