Stop Cyberbullying Podcast

I recorded a podcast at 6 a.m. this morning (my tiredness really shows in my voice.) It is the day of prom and we have a half day today.

I wanted to share my thoughts. After recording this morning, I found to my dismay that the chipmunk effect had struck my own blog. So, I followed the instructions to fix it. Unfortunately my introduction is now talking super slow! Aurgh!

I'm sharing this with you. I wanted to tell the story of the pike (a fish) and the elephant and how it relates to cyberbullying. It is a 28 minute podcast.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Cyberbullying Podcast

  1. Wonderful podcast, Vicki. Your stories of the elephant and the pike, along with the poem, will be with me for a long time. I can’t thank you enough for all of your contributions this week.

  2. Hi.
    Great info, thanks!

    I am the Regional Office of Educations Internet Safety Coodinator and have spent the past two years spear-heading Internet Safety education and awareness not only in my elementary school, but entire region. Online safety is my passion–I live and breathe it!!

    I assembled a team of community leaders to spear head Internet Safety issues nad concerns, and also write a regular newspaper column, am a mother of two teenagers, and have created and implemented a unique and personalized Internet Safety curriculum for over 250 2nd and 3rd grade students the past two years.

    I am in a unique position, working weekly with over 500 children in a computer lab environment, as well as the Internet Safety positions I am involved in, I see things most people do not. I want to share that information and education as many people as I possibly can.

    Cyber bullying is my “pet project”. I am presently writing an anti cyber bullying policy for my school district, and hopefully, beyond.

    I just put together a Internet Safety resource blog for parents and educators. If you and your readers have a “free” moment, please take a look at it. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Thank you for your words, and your dedication. Getting the word out is critical in keeping our children safer online.

    Jac Galloway

  3. What a great pod cast. Cyberbullying is an issue that really needs to be out there, and kids need to be educated about it at a young age. This whole situation is like “Mean Girls” run amock!

    They even have companies now that help you to know and manage what people are saying about you online. I found this newslink.

    Its a sad world where we need these kinds of services. What ever happened to manner and respect.

    Posted as Anonymous

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