Sharing Bookmarks: Easy Tips on How it is Done!

I think that the is one of the great unharnessed resources and that every educator should use this service.

Ryan Bretag has challenged many to share the last five bookmarks they have made. I would take it one step further.

Those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed know that you get to see my bookmarks.

This is how I do it:

1) I signed up for a free Feedburner account.
2) After enabling the feed and previewing it. Click on Optimize and then LinkSplicer.

This service will take:, furl, bloglines clips, Digg,, and several other services. (And remember, you can still mark any bookmark as private and only accessible to you!)

Note: And if you do this, I also encourage adding feedflare which has some really cool new features.

You can then specify the frequency. Now, this will mean directing your visitors to another feed. So, when I set this up (several months a go) here is how I did it.

1) I removed the other feed from the top left of my blog and exclusively put in my feedburner feed. (Although a few hundred are still on the other feeds, most are on feedburner.)

2) Tell others on your blog that you are using the new feed and why — ask them to subscribe to the new one.

See what happens. I actually subscribe directly to Will Richardson's bookmarks and you can subscribe to mine directly as well.

It is just so useful.

You'll notice that I am now using hz08 a lot as one of my tags. That is because of my new involvement with the Horizon Project 2008. In order to share research among the advisory committee, any time we see something that we want to share with the other researchers, we use this simple tag.

So many people are so desirous of keeping folksonomy that they forget that a great standard tag can facilitate communications remarkably well.

So, if you do this, go over to delicious and bookmark your own bookmarks – tag it edubookmark — and then, we can all go to this page and see bookmarks of other educators.

Sharing bookmarks is great!

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3 thoughts on “Sharing Bookmarks: Easy Tips on How it is Done!

  1. Right on Vicky. My challenge wasn’t very clear as I was hoping everyone took it a step beyond just sharing their five most recent and shared these along side their blog or in daily posts as you do.

    As you have modeled so well for me, it is all about sharing, connecting, and collaborating. While the five recent bookmarks are great, it is even better when we share as a natural part of our blog on a daily basis.

    Great post Vicky!

  2. i like your Blog, Vicki. iam also a teacher and want to make a blog where my students can post their comments. I am impressed by what i have seen here.

  3. Just came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best, I love it.

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