See you at NECC: there or virtually!

I had several things I wanted to write today, but I have way too much packing to do — heading to the mountains tomorrow and then to NECC.

Am a bit down today, didn't get an award I really had my heart set on… perhaps if there hadn't been just two of us it wouldn't have hurt so much, so I guess I'm a bit down at this moment.
(Plus I've been paying bills and doing laundry– how is that for a day!)

Getting ready for my life to change… again!
But, I do know this — I'm going to meet some people that have already changed my life and will change it some more. I'm going to bring some great things back to my classroom and I'm going to learn a lot.

If you can't go, attend virtually

I'm going to read some great analysis by those of you who can't make it but are going to attend virtually, like I did last year.
(See my posts, how to attend NECC virtually, Virtual Post #1 Blood on the Cutting Edge, Virtual Post #2 Bernie Dodge remixes Webquests, Virtual Post #3 Highlights and hyperlinks from NECC newsletters, Virtual Post #4 – On Creativity, Research, the New Story, Web 2.0 and RSS, and my favorite post, #5 – The Silent but most important participants of NECC.

Just remember, that if you don't attend, you can be an aggregator! You can look at the many posts, and add your opinion and see the overall trends and “buzz” that others of us will not see until long after. So, don't have a pity party — put on your slippers like I did last year and attend virtually. I suggest that in addition to NECC2007 that you add the individual RSS for the session AND add virtual_attendee — then we can watch you.

Just like a comment I had from Jason last year:

You have been doing a great job taking a lot of different posts and putting them together under one theme. I am here in San Diego and you are getting a lot of stuff that I didn't have the time or ability to go to. Thanks! 🙂

After looking over my schedule, I'm a bit worried that there is too much of ME in my NECC — I'd really like to sit back and learn from some really neat people and I'm going to make time for that. The truth is that this is an amazing revolution of educators who will not be embodied by any one person — we are all a part of it.

And when all is said and done, our students and our children are why we do what we do. I love to teach! I love my students!

If you're going to attend virtually, let me know and I'll make sure I check your blog.

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9 thoughts on “See you at NECC: there or virtually!

  1. I got your blog post in the Pageflakes I’m setting up to collect all the NECC stuff via that magical RSS…I hope to get there virtually…Sunday I have a benefit dinner-concert…but maybe….enjoy!!

  2. I hereby award you with the Most Inspirational Educator of Educators Around the World Award. Thanks to you, I am inspired, encouraged and involved in wikis, projects and tools that I never even dreamed I would be involved in at the start of the year. Thanks to you,(and others that inspire me + the magic of RSS) I will be attending NECC virtually – something that is “physically & monetarily” impossible for me to do. So when you are folding your washing, or paying your bills, or watching someone else received an award that you also deserve, please remember this with a smile to yourself ….. I’ve inspired teachers from all around the world.

  3. Vicki,
    May I add an “AMEN” to what teaching sagitarrian said.
    And thank you for helping me get over my NECC envy since I can’t make it this year. There’s always next year in San Antonio!
    Great suggestions for those of us who CAN attend virtually.

  4. Oooohhh yes – wonderful stuff that RSS!

    I’ll be enjoying snippets of the conference through hitchhikr… wonderful that I can enjoy being in Atlanta (virtually), while also being in PJs and slippers!

    And as for an award… well I totally agree with Chrissy (Teaching Sagittarian)… you have even inspired and encouraged us from thousands of kms away in little old New Zealand.

    So anyway… running with Chrissy’s great idea: enjoy this:

    You SO deserve it 🙂

    Kind regards, Rachel, NZ

  5. Guys, thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. As I said over at Rachel’s blog, it is about my family first, my classroom family second, and then my edublogging family. I have given myself a “speech” if you will that I have given other teachers before — as teachers, we do not need to be validated by awards because rarely will they ever come. We receive validation every day by knowing that we indeed have the most noble calling on earth — guardianship of the future. It is in the students who say thank you and those of you who say thank you — which honestly — few teachers ever receive enough of those.

    Teaching is tough and we deal with all of the emotions and difficulties of the human experience in the microcosm of our classroom and yet we reap great rewards knowing that we have done our best and done a good job shaping the future of our world. Thank you all for your encouragement and I hope that I’ll see you at the virtual NECC!

  6. Vicki,

    I’ll be following along via RSS and doing my best to aggregate the things that I am learning “virtually”. I’m also looking forward to listening hto some of the podcasts that are listed on the NECC website — and I’ll be posting my reflections on those as well. Anything and everything I post can be found on my blog.

    You can also find “my words” at NECC on day 1 by picking up a copy of the NECC Daily Leader. Look for an article by me on the first page 🙂

    Have fun in Atlanta and maybe we can meet-up in person next year in San Antonio!


  7. Hi Vicki

    Along with the others I want to thank you for your wonderful, informative and truly inspirational blog! As a beginning blogger myself I find it a real treasure trove of tips and advice.

    Good luck with NECC, I will try to follow some of it – across the Atlantic in Finland of all places!

  8. Stephanie– Hope I can make it next year — my school only gives me a small part of the cost to go! It is so tough for us teachers to make it. I will look for your article and when I see it — I’ll say — “I know her!”

    Sinnika —
    What is your blog so that I can follow it?

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