Ripping files to edit off of a DVD

This hack just in from Flat Classroom. We've been using it a couple of weeks and it works very nicely.  Last year we stumbled on it and I didn't realize how useful it was.

When you want to easily take a file off a DVD.

1) When you put the DVD in the computer tell it to NOT play the dvd. Instead (on a PC) right click and open the DVD.
2) Open the file folder on the DVD and look for the .VOB files – usually there are 2 or 3.
3)  Make a directory on your hard drive.  Then, right click and copy the VOB file and paste it into the directory.
4) Right click on the vob file and rename it *.mpg – where the * is whatever you want to call it.

Although the quality seems to degrade a smidge – it is a file ready to edit and put up on youtube or wherever like flat classroom.

This way, we rip from our camera directly to dvd and then can edit w/out coverters.  Also, some of our football heroes have been able to snag game film to edit and include.

I'm sure there is a  better way and something that I may do that is not quite OK – the only caution is that I think this can be used to snag film that is copyrighted, so use w/ caution.

Let me know if it works for you too.  I found this tip in a remote forum in cyberspace somewhere and had never heard it but use it all the time w/ film editing now.

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3 thoughts on “Ripping files to edit off of a DVD

  1. Great post. I have not tried this yet but will use it for sure in the future. I have searched for tutorials on how to do something like this in the past but have not found anything. Although Handbrake (and other similar tools) is nice , I might find this to be most useful for small, quick rip jobs.

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