Pay Attention: The Must Watch Web2 video by Darren Draper

Kudos to this video by Darren Draper.

Kudos because this is the way that staff developers should be developing staff.

I daresay this one video over e-mail will do more to motivate staff and get them talking than an hour of being “preached to” about Web 2! Using Web 2 to teach Web 2 – what a novel idea!?

It is powerful and amazing. (Thanks to Julie Lindsay for pointing it out over at Twitter.)

Staff developers — are you encouraging your staff to make videos such as this? Is staff development stuck in Web 1 or is it modeling Web 2 as it teaches Web 2.

Darren, you have made me think! Wow! Do you blog?

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One thought on “Pay Attention: The Must Watch Web2 video by Darren Draper

  1. Thank you Vicki, for the compliments. I hope that “Pay Attention” makes the same impression on educational policy-makers that it appears to have made on you.

    As far as blogging goes, I don’t have a public blog that I update frequently (the T4 Site has acted much as my creative outlet as of late). I do have several personal blogs. In addition, I have created many blogs with my classes (but prefer to keep them private – it’s safer that way).

    Nevertheless, as time progresses (and if Pay Attention gains more traction), I may begin a blog simply to address many of the questions I am constantly asked.

    You know, to be honest, I never expected “Pay Attention” to receive the global attention that it has received – it’s truly been a wild ride. : )

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