Is Plurk the new Twitter?

It is tough to stay open minded about microblogging when I've been “in love” with twitter for so long.  When twitter turned off the reply tab for days and just wouldn't respond, we were forced to try something else for NECC and after playing with Pownce and others, lots of plurk-ing emerged. (See the plurk page “who likes to plurk?“)

So, after setting up to update all of this microblogging sites, I'm warming up a little to plurk.

Now, do not expect plurk to be twitter, it is not!

It is a hybrid between twitter and discussion threads — sort of a microdiscussion thread type of approach.

To see what I mean, take a look at this “plurk page” that was built when I asked for educators who are plurking to share where they are from.  I've done this over and over with twitter and struggled with getting all the information and replies on one page.  It was a struggle and all of the code knocked down my rss feed.

Because some people were public and some private, I couldn't just share my reply tab.  It was quite difficult.

Now, each “plurk” makes its own page and others can respond to a specific “plurk.”

The disadvantages are that it takes some getting used to!  I've found that I have to tell it to “view only my plurks” to see the responses — then, I go to the one page and tab through them that way!

It is very different.  I'm still using both twitter and plurk although plurk has some cool things going on.  It looks like to me in twitter that many are at least trying out plurk.

I hate to say that twitter has been its own worst enemy in this entire thing.  Their unreliability and unresponsiveness (spurred by their growth) has pushed people to try other things.

Twitter needs to:

  • Keep their service reliable and scalable (sounds easier than it is!)
  • Make threaded replies possible (this really is an advantage)
  • Make it easier to look at fans who aren't following to add them as friends more easily.

Plurk needs to:

  • Give another way for us to update via mobile b/c many of us don't have smart phones.
  • Figure an easier way for us to read the replies. I'm struggling with this.
  • Changing fans to friends HAS GOT TO BE EASIER!!!
  • I hate the “karma” thing.  I really do.  Guess some like the extrensic motivation to use their service but I don't.  Wish I could turn it off.

I don't think Plurk is the new Twitter…. yet.  But who knows? What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Is Plurk the new Twitter?

  1. I can’t stand plurk personally. The timeline just doesn’t do it for me. 99.999 % of sites on the web flow from top to bottom. Plurk changing this flow from right to left just makes things too confusing, even for the seasoned websurfer and social networker.

  2. The karma thing gives Plurk a video-game feel, which makes me wonder if it’s really intended for younger users.

    I was trying to explain Plurk and Twitter to a friend last week. When I mentioned that I had been “Plurk-ed,” all she could say was, “That sounds just wrong!”

  3. I haven’t played around with it a lot, but will share my initial opinions based on using about 10 times.

    When I first played opened it, did not like the Karma thing. Not really in it for getting more popular and thats what a higher Karma implies (so does followers on Twitter).

    Since Karma info is so big and prevalent on your home page, seems to be a way Plurk is trying to get you to get more people to join so you can have more Karma and they can have more users.

    I don’t like the little characters it has, not into half sliced pigs as icons.

    I do like that you can see more posts on one page and along a timeline, that adds to ease of use. I also like that you can see a threaded conversation in a very easy to use drop down menu.

    Also, I posted a blog post link on here and on Twitter about my NECC experience, and got a couple hits that led to comments from Plurk users. The info doesn’t scroll away so quickly (probably because has a .10th of the users).

    So, I will keep playing with it, especially since makes it so easy to update both and hopefully I will be able to get even more discussions instead of just resources and tools which is what I tend to get from Twitter.

    BTW- Nice meeting you at EBC Ms. Davis 🙂

    Here’s to praying my comments go through, last 2 times on this blog they didn’t. ha

  4. I didn’t like Plurk when I first started using it, but I really am starting to like it. I don’t plan on leaving Twitter, but do like the threaded conversations in Plurk. I’m not worrying about the Karma thing at all.

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