If a pictures are worth a thousand words, this one’s a book.

What more can I say?

Stop debating whether things have changed. Pick up and say, “What do I do now!”

The good old days weren't any better than today and they had change too.

The leaders and trailblazers of today will be recognized as visionaries tomorrow.

Today, we're just “different.” People want to change but they want people to help them who won't talk down to them, will explain things in simple terms, and understand that they don't “get it” in a millisecond and need to ask questions.

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3 thoughts on “If a pictures are worth a thousand words, this one’s a book.

  1. Hi Vicki,

    This video really makes you/me/us think. As far as what do I do now, well, today I told my first class to go home tonight and start a blog. The adventure begins.

  2. Vicky,
    This is WONDERFUL!
    I’m teaching a graduate course on Language Arts and Technology and this video should provide a very interesting conversation on our discussion board.

  3. Wow, that video is really cool! My name is Rachel and I just found your blog the other day because I have a research assignment about blogs for my English class at Texas A&M University. As a pre-service teacher myself, I decided to do paper about teachers who blog and the benefits of it. We had to post an interesting blog we found on our own blog, and I posted about yours. I hope you don’t mind. I think it is phenomenal. I have learned so much about the blogging world and web 2.0 just from reading it and clicking on your hyperlinks. Anyway, keep up the great work. My blog is Rmarie86.blogspot.com.

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