Harnessing the Power of spring Break to Teach

I made the decision to install Office 2007 knowing that the textbooks aren't available yet. We've been comparing and contrasting Excel XP and Excel 2007 and creating our own textbook for about two weeks now with excellent results!

But now we have one week until spring break and I want some excitement! These are great moments that can either drone on or can be used as exciting, stimulating times of learning and I teach computer fundamentals, so I have the world at my fingertips.

So, meet my Amazing spring Break Project!
This project teaches how to insert comments and hyperlinks into excel and gives me a cumulative assessment of the things already taught: templates, formulas, charting, making posters in Excel. I'm very excited about this project and just wanted to share it with you here! (Remember, feel free to use this, but you cannot sell it!)

My Spring Break – Excel Project

Your project will have three sheets. It will be turned in by e-mailing it as an attachment to Mrs. Vicki at **My e-mail** by Thursday, March 29, 2007. It must be saved as an excel 2007 worksheet.

Your Amazing Spring Break

You have $5000 to spend this spring break to go anywhere in the world from Camilla, Georgia. You are creating a spreadsheet to share with your friends about this trip. It will include an interactive map showing the stops and places you’ll go. It will include a budget worksheet that will show how all of your money will be spent. You will also create a poster that will print out on 4 sheets of paper that you will cut and paste together about your trip. If you have time, you will create a word find (and answers) to get them excited about where you are going. This is not a team project although two of you may go to the same place.

Worksheet 1 –The Map

You will create an interactive map of where you are going (if you don’t know where you’re going , then make up a place anywhere in the world in which you will go.) The name of this Tab is: Map of ___ where the blank includes the name of the place you are going.

See – http://www.monroe.k12.la.us/~mhen/excel_interactive.htm for how these will work:

What this includes:

· You must insert a map of where you are going as the background.

· Insert at least 15 comments about the places you will go on the map in the proper location. (Right click and select “insert comment”) These will pop up when someone puts their mouse over them.

  • · You must also include at least 5 hyperlinks.
  • · You must have 4 additional pictures.
  • · One of the pictures must be a hyperlink.

Worksheet 2 –The Budget

You have $5000 to spend. Using a budget template as a new worksheet in your workbook, you will type up a budget of how you will spend your money. You must include the following:

  • · Hyperlinks to the major destinations
  • · At least 5 comments as needed to explain any items that may have questions including flight arrangements and times if you are flying somewhere.
  • · A chart of some type to help interpret the information in your budget.

Worksheet 3 – The Poster

You will make a large poster at least 2 sheets of paper wide and 2 sheets of paper tall in color. You will print it on the color printer, cut it out and paste it together. The title is My Amazing Spring Break. Include the chart about your financial data. Include your map and other information promoting your trip.

Bonus The Word Find 1- points

You are to create a Word Find using Excel to help your friends get excited about what you will be doing on this trip. (See http://pirate.shu.edu/~medealyn/MicroComputing/page3.htm for an example.) You must have one page as the word find and one page as the answers.

Worksheet – The Answers to the Word Find

Include your answers to the word find like the example shown.

So, this will be fun and I'm excited.
(And we will learn a lot! Actually, the content taught here is covered in four weeks of lessons in my old book so covering this in one week is both exciting and an efficient use of time. If you're not using project based learning in your computer fundamentals courses, you're missing excitement and great learning experiences!)

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  1. I’m so impressed by the idea to have the students create their own textbook rather than waiting for a new one to be published. You are an inspiration!

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