Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/02/2012

  • The Future of Teaching? « Diane Ravitch's blog

    Diane Ravitch has a very balanced interesting article on the state of education in the nation based upon some current research. Half of the nation's teachers have now been teaching less than 10 years. “But a matter that should concern us all: Current “reform” policies are driving experienced teachers out of the nation’s classrooms. This cannot be good for anyone. It is certainly not good for the young teachers, who need senior teachers to help them improve. How can a profession become “great” by demoralizing and ousting those who know the most? Who would go to a hospital in an emergency and insist on being treated by an intern, not a senior physician? Who would want their legal affairs to be handled by a lawyer who just graduated law school if they could get a senior partner instead? When will President Obama, Secretary Duncan, Bill Gates, Eli Broad, and all the other people driving current policy realize that they are inflicting harm on the nation’s education system?”

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  • Tony Baldasaro just unfollowed 5,000 people on Twitter | Dangerously Irrelevant

    Lots of discussion about how people follow on Twitter.  My reply to Scott McLeod's post: “I follow real educators and tend to stay away from foundations and PR junk sites who aren’t real. I like real teachers no matter how many followers they have because I’d like to be able to message them and them message me back. I also like to follow people who are engaging in conversation and have interesting things to say. Sometimes if people don’t follow me back and I know I won’t need to message them or them me, I’ll unfollow and put them on a list instead. ” My list is half happenstance and half just who says something online. 

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