Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 01/13/2012

  • 8 Apple Accessories at CES [PICS]

    Top 8 Apple iDevice accessories from CES. I donlike looking at gadgets, even if I don't buy many.

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  • Education Insights – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

    What is so great about the new Microsoft partners in learning network is the translator that is part of it. It will translate to 36 languages and translate into other languages. Also there are achievement badges for educators.

    This is something that globally connected teachers will want to join.

    1. Using Microsoft Translator, the site is available today in 36 different languages. That means members can not only communicate with others in their own language, but any user can translate any content into one of these supported languages, or make suggestions and edits to previously translated pages. This is incredibly exciting because it allows us to offer educators a truly global community.

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  • Partners in Learning Network

    The partners in learning network is updated for educators. Lots of tools and free resources. This was just unveiled on Thursday , January 10 at BETT in London.

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  • Teachers worry as UK redraws ICT education – Page 1 – IT Workplace

    UK teachers are excited about how ICT will be taught in schools but concerned that their teachers won't be trained. Good point.

    “Teachers whom Computerworld UK spoke to today at education technology show BETT and via email, have expressed concern about the training needed to make Gove's proposals a success.

    “It's [Gove's proposals] really good but the one thing missing is training for teachers,” said Mark Hellen, a lecturer responsible for ICT in the educational studies department at Goldsmiths' College, London.

    “Computing in schools is going to be expensive and it means training teachers to do it.”

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  • Face Britain: The UK's largest art gallery

    The goal of this site is to have a self portrait of every child in Britain. If you're in the UK, you'll want to participate. I like that there are instructions for parents and teachers because sometimes students are at a school that doesn't “have time” for such things. Cool Project.

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  • Women bloggers call for a stop to ‘hateful' trolling by misogynist men | World news | The Observer

    I'm late coming to this but I have seen some of this before. In my earlier years, I received much more threatening comments and emails than I have of late but then again, I don't know that I've offered very controversial viewpoints. I think those who comment and email anonymously shouldn't be taken seriously. I've seen it before and tend to dismiss what these people say. There may be a place for it, but if you won't sign your name, you shouldn't say it.

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