CoolTool: Songbird – The Music/Video Browser

I thought I was out but teachandlearn twittered about Songbird! This is the most AMAZING audio (and video) browser! This is amazing! I love it! I often don't want to struggle w/ starting itunes, etc. and this is just great (if it is stable — see my notes below.)

This tutorial tells you how to use it. After you watch the screencast, download songbird, go to and look at it.

It is open source software (which also means it is free!) OK, one warning — it only looks like it is developer release (which I'm using.) So, in other words, there might be bugs. But I love the idea. Itunes is good, however, you're so limited to the itunes store. This is a great concept!

In other words, you need to be a bit comfortable with your computer, if you're a beginner, you may want to wait a little bit.

Who else knows something about songbird?

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4 thoughts on “CoolTool: Songbird – The Music/Video Browser

  1. Hey Vickie,

    Just wondering… when you ‘warned’ people about the software being ‘open source’ were you only meaning to refer to the fact that it is a ‘developer release,’ and, if so… what does that mean?

    Is open source only for those who are ‘comfortable with their computers’?



  2. @davecormier- Whew, I need to go back and read that. The warning is because it is a DEVELOPER release and the version number also concerned me (not yet a 1.0). I have typically found that to mean that certain instabilities exist and I haven’t tested it out enough to guarantee that it is stable to the readers. I’ll relook at my phraseology — I love open source and my classroom literally couldn’t function without it!

  3. @davecormier. Thank you so much for pointing out, I’ve rephrased to more clearly show my meaning there!

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