Coming of Age Coming Soon!

Coming of Age 2 is coming

I relistened to a podcast Terry Freedman put together this past summer at NECC as he interviewed the authors have contributed to the free Coming of Age! (I still refer to COA 1.0)

It is fascinating not only because most of these interviews were done in a small area, but that all of these bloggers were in one place. I get excited just listening. And if you hear all of our voices, we're all talking much faster than usual. I think we were excited.

There are some very important kernels of truth in this incredible podcast.

Here are the people on this podcast:

Steve Dembo “Blogging Vs Podcasting: How To Decide”

Jennifer Wagner “Collaboration In Online Projects”

Vicki Davis “Implementing Web 2.0 In The Classroom”; “Our classrooms are flat (with Julie Lindsay)”; “Blogs You Must Read! (with Josie Fraser)”

Sharon Peters “Book Review: The World Is Flat”; “Book Review: A Whole New Mind”; Sharon also mentioned her daughter Meg's contribution, “Music on the internet”

David Jakes “Digital Storytelling 2.0”

Julie Lindsay “Implementing Web 2.0 In The Classroom”; “Our classrooms are flat (with Vicki Davis)”; “Podcast Bangladesh”; “What’s out there: A roundup of useful resources”; “
Getting started in podcasting in the curriculum for the 10-18 age group: the tools and procedures you need for success”

Joyce Valenza “Information Fluency Meets Web 2.0”

Christine Greenhow “What do colleges and universities need to know about Web 2.0”

Wes Fryer: “Web 2.0 and High-stakes testing”

Darren Kuropatwa “Distributed Teaching and Learning”; “Pedagogical uses of blogs (working title)”

Dave Warlick: “Factoring Web Logs To Their Fundamentals”; “Flat Classrooms: The Classroom As A Learning Engine”; “Web 2.0 Handouts”

Sharon Betts: “Professional Development 2.0″”

Watch Terry's blog for when the book will be out.

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