Will you try (and blog about) one new thing a week?

Golly, I didn't need to be blogging so much tonight but I think I'm finally feeling rested. I guess spending time in my bloglines gets me hyped up.

From Lisa Durff:

I am going to try at least one new thing every week.

I already started this weekend. I have been starting a wiki for organising my summer tech courses. I read the program manager's instruction on the Horizon Report, copied Vicki's code, changed the search terms, and saved. When my page refreshed, my mouth dropped open! I didn't know it was that easy. (I excel at copy and paste skills)

So that is my something new for last week. This week – making a digital story. I will add sound to pics and upload. We'll see how it goes….

What a great inspiration Lisa is to me. Her attitude, her jump in and join in, her willingness to work very hard — she was really a big behind the scenes doer on the Horizon report, proofing things and advising us. I also love three quotes she has on her blog.

The next best thing to be wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are. CS Lewis

We can't let fear stop us from doing the right thing. Chris Lehman

The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation. Albert Einstein

Then, I laughed until I cried when I got to the comments on this particular post…

Kelly Christopherson said…

Well, I will also accept this challenge. I new thing a week. Let the new things begin. I think I like your new thing from this post. Can I steal this too? No really! Will you blog about your new thing each week? That would be cool to see how many people would be interested in doing a New Thing Meme – could be a week or every two weeks or every month, whatever fits their lifestyle. Time to think of something new to try!

May 28, 2007 1:18 AM
Durff said…

Sure you can steal. But I am not doing a meme. I hate those things. They annoy me and I blame them all on Dembo.

I haven't done the video yet….the holdiay intervened…

As we say down here, “Lisa is a hoot!”

I guess my one new thing this week was Jott.

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