Wikis in Education Podcast

Last night I had a delightful discussion with Steve Hargadon, from K-12 Opensource and EdTechLive, and Adam Frey, co-founder of Wikispaces.

Steve does an excellent job of preparing for his podcasts. He does a lot of research and sketches out planned questions for the interview. Adam sounds like he's been in the media a lot and handles his questions well. It was a joy to get to speak about a technology that I love SO much!

This was a good discussion and if you're considering working with wikis, you should take a listen.

It is around an hour, so you may just want to turn on the podcast and grade papers while you listen. (That's the only way I can find time to listen since I only have a 5 minute commute.)

What a way to learn how to use Skype! It was a good thing too, because the phone connection was worse than the skypecast over the Internet. That is hard to fathom!

I'm taking a break tonight! I also want to say thank you to all of you out there who have been encouraging me with your e-mails, comments, and links. Blogging for me is more than just writing something, it is really sharing a part of me.

Take time to rest this weekend. The start of school is tough and it is easy to get worn down and not to think clearly. Rest is as important as drinking water. So, take some time to kick up your feet, take a bubble bath, wrestle with the kids or watch a movie! Live this weekend and pretend it is two more days of summer.

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One thought on “Wikis in Education Podcast

  1. I’ve just listened to this, Vicki and must commend you for all you are doing to raise awareness of the use of technology in teaching. You are fast becoming one of the most respected figures in your field.

    Being the antithesis of what everyone would expect from a techno-radical, your argument somehow carries more weight. Even your accent helps, if I may say so without sounding patronising!

    You are critically positioned right now to make a difference to what happens with regard to the use of social media in mainstream education in the US. Recognise the clout that you have, and wield it unashamedly!

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