Where Oh Where has Cool Cat Teacher Gone?

Where, Oh Where, Has Cool Cat Teacher Gone?

I'm still here working away
leaving my blogging for another day.

Expanding horizons, blogging my mind,
Making senior slide shows and graduation movies till I go blind.

Checking efolios and grading some blogs,
so much work, my mind is in a fog.

I love it when some casually say
“I'd love to be a teacher & relax one day!”

Little do they know the joy and the pain
the loss of sleep and frustration of gain (weight gain that is!)

Tis not a profession for the weak of heart nor puffed up of mind
stuffed shirts wouldn't make it a day in my class, I find.

Debates swirl about this and that,
what will work and what's old hat.

While others debate teachers have jobs to do,
until the final bell rings, we're never through.

Perhaps you'll remain and be here when I return with a burst
but for me, as always, my classroom comes first!

(I miss blogging and somewhere in the back of my mind, I hope I won't “lose” readers, however, if I'm going to do this thing for the long haul (as I plan to) – I have to be a binge blogger, I guess.)

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4 thoughts on “Where Oh Where has Cool Cat Teacher Gone?

  1. Whenever you are ready/can return coolcatteacher, I will be there waiting 🙂
    Vicki, enjoy every minute of what you need to take care of right now.

  2. Hilarious. First edublog Ive read in a year that was in a poem format. Im feeling the same end of the year, no time to blog, no time for much of anything that might help make me a better educator crunch. I appreciate your frustrations and your blog, so binge blog and I will binge read.

  3. Vicki, I know how hard you are working and how much blogging means to you. The merry month of May is causing a lot of us stress, with deadlines for this year and ongoing work planning for next year. Not to mention the efforts we are both putting into our ‘summer’ adventures.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts via a poem, you are always an inspiration.

  4. I feel the same way, I’, just not poetic about it – can’t rhyme two shoelaces together….Seniors have 11 days til they go out to overtake the world! EEEEK!!

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