Welcome back WOW2 show tonight!

The northern hemisphere of this big blue marble is heading back to school this time of year. So, we're talking to as many teachers as possible tonight on Wow2.

If you're online in skype tonight, watch out — send me a chat and let me know you'd like to share your back to school goals or cool new tools and we'll try to pull you in!

(I'm coolcatteacher — if you request my details, tell me the specifics of who you are or I won't “accept” you!)

It is at 9 pm Eastern Standard time at edtechtalk.com and will be a lot of fun — just chatting about the cool new things we've found.

If you've never joined in one of these, just click listen on the right hand side and click Chat underneath it — you can listen and also chat live with educators just like you from around the world! So much fun!

And hopefully some of our southern hemisphere colleagues will jump in and talk about their amazing insights as they approach their halfway mark!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome back WOW2 show tonight!

  1. Gosh Vicki…
    I have always been a fan of year round ed..but when you put it that way…Northern part of this big blue marble just starting…Southerners reaching the halfway point….
    All of a sudden I REALLY am finding a need to know more time zones then EST, and PST and having my kids learn and value it too…
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to come on and share some of my ideas this evening

  2. Great to have you ladies back “on air” again! Was listening at work – but never even thought about using the skype chat to chime in (the chatroom port is blocked by our Internet provider).
    Maybe next time I’ll remember! I’m still working on integrating twitter into my online presence – I need an automatic signin (like skype!) – so I never thought of watching that during the show either! Roll on the holidays and unblocked chatrooms from home!

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