@hgsansostri writes a book giving advice on bullying (and he’s 12) [ecm #36]

Twelve year old HG Sansotri, @hgsansostri, has written a great book for kids: The Little dudes Skool Survival Guide except… he didn't really plan for it to be a book. UK tween HG Sansostri has turned his journal dealing with bullying into a book to help other kids along with the assistance of his Mom.

Writing about Bullying to Cope

His Mom noticed HG writing a lot and meanwhile he was struggling… everyone who knew him knew it. Finally, his Mom looked at what he was writing and got help. What happened was a success story. The kind of response we wish every school, parent, and child had to bullying. Everyone learned from the situation and it turned around.
And then, HG and his Mom did the unthinkable. They sent his book to a publisher because it could help other kids. And I think it will.

Listen to HG's interview with your kids or students

I spent 10 minutes talking to HG and his Mom about his book and his message to kids who are having a hard time. I listened to the show with my own 12 year old and we had a great conversation. This is one of those podcasts you will want to load on your phone or ipad and discuss with your kids or students. I played it at school and had a wonderful conversation with my ninth graders.
This show is one for parents, teachers, or kids dealing with the struggles of bullying. Sometimes listening to another kid is what it takes to not feel alone. Get the book and share it with your child or anyone having a hard time. Yes, it is written by a kid but that makes it even more endearing.
One of my favorite things said in this podcast was when HG's Mom talked about why they decided to share the book with a publisher and the result. She's a wise parent and HG is a great kid. Bullying is an important topic and there are ways to have an outcome that helps all involved.

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UK tween HG Sansostri writes "Little Dude's Skool Survival Guide" to help other kids with bullying.

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