Want a blackberry: Make your cell phone into one!

One step closer to the mobile office in your hand.

RIM (the maker of Blackberry software) announces that software will be available this year to install on cell phones with Microsoft Windows Mobile Software. It will give your cell phone blackberry type services like checking e-mail.

Meanwhile, it seems that political candidates may be more accessible to the masses during the next Presidential Election. Online debates and methods of posting questions for candidates are being planned!

The world is changing and meanwhile, every spare moment of mine is being spent on the horizon project (10th grade), efolios (9th grade), the senior movie production (12th), and the graduation movie (11th). Fifth graders are blogging but have been turned back over to their teacher! They now pretty much blog during their classtime!

Life is nutty and I've also been putting the finishing touches on my work for the TechForum on Friday! Some really amazing people have e-mailed me to let me know they'll be there! I'm so excited! (I guess I don't get out much!)

Meanwhile, I've been frantically cleaning my room (it always borders on chaos), Dr. Shepherd is coming to observe my students working on Horizon tomorrow!

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this!

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3 thoughts on “Want a blackberry: Make your cell phone into one!

  1. Funny cartoon. I teach adult ESL students, but haven’t had them blog yet. It might be a good way to get them to write more, but our computer time is limited. Actually, we’ve got a nice set up with a full computer lab that we visit twice a week, but there are plans for getting a mobile lab with laptops so we can have students practice typing more. I enjoy your blog. I followed a link from Marian’s site.

  2. that’s a good news. I’ve used blackberry service once when i travel abroad. Hope they do good job for this.

  3. I think this change will be great. If anything it will only make it better. I’m sure it will make it much faster also. Thanks for the great article and the information.

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