YouScience is an online research-based program to help an individual understand their personal aptitudes and where they overlap with interests.  The College Success Profile generated by the YouScience program works to tackle these common problems:

  • Why should students go to college knowing so little about their talents? Why do we spend so much money to go into one major without doing any real research on a student's likes, dislikes, and talents first?
  • Why do we wait until we're older to find out what we really love?
  • If someone wants to change careers, how can they save time and make sure they will do something they enjoy and can be good at doing?

Do Aptitudes Change Over Time?

According to  co-founder Betsy Wills and the experts at YouScience, at around age 16, our aptitudes are somewhat set (particularly over the next 10 years – they recommend retesting at that time).  What will change, of course, is our interests. They have taken current research and condensed it down into a series of tests to determine your aptitude. Additionally, they survey your interests and help you find their overlap. What I also love is that you're also tested on how you interact with others (think something similar to Myers-Briggs). The result of the YouScience testing (which takes a little over 2 hours) is a 50 page profile about you.

YouScience aptitude test and website

YouScience is a program to help you learn more about yourself. Our seniors here at Westwood are participating in the program this week. We're so excited!

While our students are taking the test, I'm also taking it and my college aged children will be taking it as well. Betsy says that many adults looking to change careers also use their comprehensive system.

I'll be sharing more about my own results and that of my students in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I thought you might want to tune in as I spent 20 minutes interviewing Betsy. I did this on YouTube so we can see Betsy's screen for ourselves. You'll see some testing information and some results.

Why We're Using YouScience at Westwood: To Help Students Study Themselves

I'm excited, most of all, to help my students (and children) make educated choices about their future. We spend so much time studying subjects, but sometimes the most important subject students should study is themselves!

My school is part of a market research pilot program with YouScience. I am also covering this program on my blog and Twitter as part of our participation agreement.

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