Here we have two students, Drakkart @Drakkart (an adult minecraft gamer and YouTuber from Germany) and some parents in a Google hangout talking about Minecraft and why it is so special. This past Saturday, we had an awesome conversation.

We spend too much time talking about kids and not enough time talking with them. So, in this session of the Gamifi-ed Open Online Community (OOC) we talk Minecraft.

Why is Minecraft special? Is it a good game for kids to play? How does it work? Why do kids like it so much? Why do adults play it too? How can it be used in education?

As I listened to Drakkart and the kids talk, I finally “got” Minecraft and started to understand its attraction. I also can now see ways that we can use it in my classroom both as “plain vanilla” players and in learning to code (see last week's article on how my son is learning Java as he mods Minecraft from Youth Digital.)

Gaming is something we can use, if we learn how. So, let's learn.

What is Minecraft? A Video Explanation for Parents & Adults Who Don't Get It

Drakkart also made a trailer to share with educators and parents to help them understand the appeal of the game.

If your child (or grandchild) plays Minecraft. Before you take the approach of saying “no” before you check into it, take time to listen and realize that this game is a far cry from Call of Duty or other games that they could be playing instead.

And join in on upcoming events on the OOC. We have Colin Osterhout helping us begin playing Minecraft and panels on gaming in higher ed and early childhood and more coming. Lots of gaming goodness.

Again, we're not investigating gaming because we're experts, but because we want to learn more as we talk to the experts and sharing it all with you. Feel free to join in and share what you know about gaming to #gamifi-ed. Hats off to Verena Roberts for the stellar job she's doing organizing the OOC.

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