I've found that many teachers don't know how to shorten their URLs to put them on presentations or handouts. I recorded a 60 Second Tip tutorial about how to shorten your hyperlinks.

If you're using QR Codes

Note that before you shrink a hyperlink using a QR code, it is beneficial to shorten the link (if the QR code tool doesn't do it for you) so there is less information encoded and you don't have an overly large QR code.

Test Shortened URL's because some Schools Block them

Also note that some school's firewalls block link shorteners because they are easy ways for hackers to hide their links. (Don't click shortened links in most emails or direct messages, for example.) If you use a reputable QR code shortener like bit.ly or tinyurl.com you should be alright.

This is a must-know skill for teachers and students alike because it helps us communicate more easily.

Why use  Tiny URL instead of Bitly or other choices?

The reason I use tiny url for links for my students is because I can choose a word or class code as part of the link. I store these in my Evernote lesson planning notebooks so I can use them next year. The links are just easier to see on the board and type in if meaningful words are part of the link.

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8 thoughts on “60 Second Tip: Shorten your URL (hyperlink)

  1. I like bitly because you pcan customize the links, like you described doing with tinyurl, AND you can track the number of clicks and see when it was clicked, as well as having all the links saved. I like this feature as I will use the same shortened links year after year and I don’t have to remember them.

    • Hi Chris – I have a free version of bit.ly and use it – but I haven’t been able to figure out how to customize the URL — please share with me — I’ll have to go in and look some more – I actually looked for it before making this video. If I can figure out how (or if you can share with me) then I’ll replace this video with bit.ly for sure. Thanks.

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      • Hi, Once you shorten the link you click on the pencil icon (in-between the link and the ‘copy’ button) and customize it.

        • ho ho ho – early Christmas present. Let me learn how to do that and do another 60 second tip. Wow. I’ve looked and looked for that forever and couldn’t find it. Thank you, Chris for being part of my PLN and teaching me (and others) this tip. I hope those reading the comments will see the true value of comments and the learning that takes place when we share.

        • All you need in Bit.ly to be able to customize your link is a login. Then you can customize, and save your links. I use it all the time for my classroom!

    • I’m going to make another videon Bitly because now I KNOW SOMETHING NEW – wondering if I should take this post down but it is useful for some if bit.ly is blocked, for example so I’ll probably just add a link. Thanks to you all.

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  2. Hi Vicky,

    I’m using WP.me from within WordPress (using the Jetpack plugin) to shorten urls. But I like the idea of using tinyurl to choose a word to be part of the link. I didn’t know this before. Thank you for telling this.

    Wait, I remember, the other day I saw someone on one of the FB groups I am, post a link from bit.ly and her link contained a word from her post instead of random letters. I wondered how she did it, then I thought may be she got a premium bit.ly account or something. Don’t know whether that exists or not.

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