In this 7 minute video, you'll learn some tips and tricks for organizing files and finding them on a PC. While I'm using Windows 8.1, the system I teach for organizing files is adapted from one Gina Trapani shared in her Lifehacker guide and can be used on any device.

How to Organize Files and Find Them on a PC: Essential Questions

  • How does the computer letter the drives?
  • What does a network drive look like?
  • How can students organize files on a computer so they can find them?
  • How do you copy and move files from one place to another?

I teach this very early in Computer Fundamentals. Many educators and students do not know how to copy, move, organize, and don't have a system for keeping their files organized!

This is from my basics series over on my YouTube channel. Contact me if you have special requests for tutorials. 

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