Students love anything that gives them insight into how they learn. I also love this sort of thing because it helps students appreciate that when they study they should use multiple senses, etc. Laura Candler has one of the best ways to do give students insight into the different ways that they learn that I've seen with her free multiple intelligences quiz. In this video she demos how to use it and how to download the free quiz to use with your students. (I intentionally don't link to the free tool because you need to hear Laura's use of this tool BEFORE you use it for some reasons  you'll understand after you watch the video.

Since we're BYOD, I going to use this in Google Drive so they can see how formulas can work. Help students appreciate their differences but remember that this tool is not scientific and isn't for diagnosis, etc. a Laura says in her video.

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2 thoughts on “Free Multiple Intelligences Survey from Laura Candler

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I follow your blog and was so thrilled to see this in my BlogLovin’ feed! I developed this tool to use in my classroom and I love sharing it with other teachers. It helped me learn about my students and it helped them learn about themselves. Thanks for linking to the video because I do think it’s helpful to see how to use it.