Code Stars is a great video to use with students as you prepare for the hour of code.


Computer Science Jobs will be in Demand

In the United States alone there will be a 1 million person shortage of the number of programmers that we need. This is an opportunity, not for all students, but for some of them.

Why my daughter wants to go into Computer Science

My daughter's dream is to go to Georgia Tech and she's applied to be a Computer Science major for this fall. Why did she get interested in Computer Science? She wrote a simple program in Kodu in 9th grade (yes, I was her teacher) and went on to win a NCWIT award for the state of Georgia. When she won that award and heard cool women speak who program at the event, she tells me then she said

“I thought, you know what, I might really like to do this.”

I don't know if she'll end up in Computer Science as a career, but you can't end up in Computer Science without intentionally starting on the path in that direction.

The Hour of Code is Coming

Enroll your school in the Hour of Code this December. While not every child in your school will go into Computer Science or even be a good fit, enough of them could be interested that you should take the time to introduce the concepts and integrate it into your lessons.

There are lessons on the Hour of Code site that do not require a computer lab or any technology devices. You can teach about Computer Science and every school should. If you're on a school board or in leadership in a school system, ask your schools what they are doing to as part of the Hour of Code.

Help students relate to what programming and computer science jobs do

I'll be showing this video next week in my classes, this is something all of us can do as we start the journey to help students consider all of the options.

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4 thoughts on “Making tomorrow’s Computer Science Jobs relevant to students today #stem

  1. Thank you for the info on school codes in December. I just started a student led tech team- one boy particular is interested in school codes – perfect!!!

  2. This is why I wanted your binary lesson. I am running an “Hour of Code Fair” at my school that week. We will have computerized and unplugged activities going on all over the school for the kids to try on Friday afternoon, including a visit from Nao the robot! This is going to be fun!