Science Leadership Academy, led by visionary principal Chris Lehmann @chrislehmann is moving to Dell Chromebooks and turning in their Macs. I thought Chris could tell you why  in his YouTube Clip where he was asked about the move. Budgets are tight for everyone and Chromebooks are gaining in popularity although admittedly, from looking at this information, this was done under a grant.

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8 thoughts on “Chris Lehmann: why SLA is turning in their MACs for Chromebooks @chrislehmann

    • I think to be personally insulting is over the top, Tim. You can disagree but the truth is that it is hard to run a school  and I don’t fault him for doing what he can. I have never had much to run my program either but to call someone or anyone an idiot is not ok. I typically post all comments and am posting this because I know you have blogged but I have found that name calling isn’t constructive nor the model I would like to have for my own students (many who do read my blog.) as for using Chromebooks I do know more are using them – it will be interesting to see how capable they are. I would think it would be a bad option for those who have slower internet.— Vicki Davis
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      • Kathy, I am not calling Chris an idiot. As a matter of fact, in the blog I said that he probably has to do what he has to do because of bad budgets in the Philadelphia schools. The term I used is actually “useful idiot” which is a political term used for instance, when a politician can convince a paper to run positive articles about him/her even if they are not good politicians. The paper becomes a “useful idiot” for the politician. The useful idiot does not realize they are being used for nefarious reasons.

        In this case Chris Lehman (and his school) become a useful idiot for Dell because he probably is being used by them.

        It is not offensive. It is a political term, used quite a bit in El Paso to describe bloggers that support particular political agendas.

          • I do appreciate the clarification, Tim as I have always respected your work and it didn’t sound like anything I had heard you write before. I have students who read my blog- we talk about the responsibility of promoting respectful dialog a lot and this is a great exchange that we will discuss in January. Thank you for modeling so well what should happen when people have thigs that need to be talked about publicly.Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

          • Wikipedia entry for the term “Useful Idiot.” As you can see, it has some historical significance as well.

            I took a bit of heat from that article exactly for that phrase, which I used on purpose. I think people saw the word “Idiot” and assumed I was calling Chris an idiot. The CONTENT of the article was pretty much ignored, as people focused on that phrase.

            I suppose it would be like using the phrase to describe someone that cannot function in social situations as being “Socially Retarded” and people seeing only the word “retarded” and being offended.

            Lesson in critical reading I suppose.