The fascinating Booktrack app lets you add soundtracks to books that you write or to download books with soundtracks.

Research on Booktrack

A very interesting research study found:

• Virtually all subjects performed moderately to significantly better on
information retention tests after using Booktrack’s enhanced platform than
they did after reading the same text on an unenhanced ebook reader.
• Subjects reported a strong correlation between interacting with the
enhanced platform and their ability to focus on the text at hand.
• Subjects reported that texts read with sound accompaniment were
considerably more clear and easy to follow than identical texts read without
• Subjects reported largely positive reactions to the soundtrack’s
transformative qualities, defining the enhanced reading experience as more
cinematic and linear.

Note that only 41 people were in the sample, so much more testing is needed, but the thought of this is intriguing.

How to get booktrack

Look for Booktrack Bookshelf on your Mobile device or go to

Recommended for:

Literacy coaches, librarians, special ed teachers, and writers in order to familiarize yourself with this technology. There are free books you can get when you register your reader.

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