The Daily Education and Technology News starts off as a draft blog post sent from Diigo to my blog each morning. It is automatically sent there from yesterday's bookmarks using a handy tool in Diigo. In this quick 3 minute tutorial, I teach you how to set up your own Diigo auto post. Just remember to decide the tag that you'll use for this to set it up.

This is a great tip for IT integrators or bloggers who want to easily share. If you want to go advanced and have several blogs to run, you could, for example, have an ipad blog and post ipad resources using an ipad tag. Then, you could have another blog on writing that receives all of your bookmarks about writing. Remember that when you bookmark you might find something about writing on the ipad and tagging each of them would send that to each different blog. Talk about a way to save time!

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6 thoughts on “How to automatically post bookmarks to your blog using Diigo

  1. This was something I wondered about from the moment I started reading your blog. Thanks for letting us take a peek behind the curtain and learn!

  2. I finally got around to trying this, but the post as draft option didn’t show up. Everything else was the same. Did they change something?

  3. Thank you! I’d been wanting to do this for a long time, and your video helped me finally figure out how to do this!

    • Awesome! So glad it helped!

      Vicki Davis
      @coolcatteacher Blog
      Host – Every Classroom Matters Show
      Author – Reinventing Writing

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