Teacher Andrew Ward (link to Facebook) always enters class with a hearty “Buenos Dias.” Well, not always but many times. His students secretly filmed him and shared the video with him on the last day.

How do you enter class? Is it exciting? Do the kids know you're glad to be there. Love it!

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3 thoughts on “Andrew Ward’s Entrance into Spanish Class Goes Viral

  1. The way you greet your students, sets the tone for your lesson. Taking time to do this, goes a long way. Over the years I have greeted students with a simple placard of hello, (we were learning about communication), stood at the door and made sure all students were smart before entering the classroom, walking in and doing a good morning (Vietnam) impression. The main thing is that you are setting the tone and keying your students into your lesson, your style and your time. Kudos to Andrew Ward for setting the tone.