Twitter POll Results: What Web 2.0 tools are teachers using NOW?

It was so incredible to see the answers to the first twitterpoll about the locations of educators, I was anxious to ask this question:

“What is your favorite Web 2.0 tool that you are using in class right now. Share your grade level and location.”

The overwhelming winners: voicethread, wikispaces, and Google Docs. although there are some others like Skype and Moodle. Several new ones need a look including two cell phone information services textmark and Gabcast. (My answers would be wikispaces and Ning both of which offer advertising free services to educators.)

What is impressive to me is to see what educators are doing and to hear it from them. This will be my answer to those who go to conferences and say that “it is just the presenters talking about it, people aren't really using these tools.” Twitter lets the teachers speak out. Real teachers all over the world are using Web 2.0 tools in their classroom. Will your students be able to compete or understand their students when they sit beside them in college?

TwitterPoll Results

*The Twitterpoll results were so enormous that I “knocked own” my Feedburner Feed Size Requirements. I have moved all of the twitterpoll results to a Google page at

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3 thoughts on “Twitter POll Results: What Web 2.0 tools are teachers using NOW?

  1. Very nice job organizing this. I can’t believe how much I’ve used Twitter to enhance my own learning and this has helped me build more of a network, plus given me a way to find out about sites like: Gabcast (gotta go check it out). I would also lean towards a few Google Tools (Docs is a big one) and also Ning- I think that could be great for a class to build and store/share info.

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