SplashLearn for summer learning

Try SplashLearn for Summer Learning and Fall Success

Personalize learning and make it fun for students. I recommend SplashLearn for parents this summer to strengthen the foundations of Mathematics (Pre-kindergarten to Grade 5) and Reading (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2.) It is understandable for parents to want to ensure that their kids are ready to move ahead this fall. Besides having a fun family summer, SplashLearn can be part of a child’s summertime routine for 30-45 minutes a day. In this post, I’ll share how parents can use SplashLearn this summer and why educators should prepare now to set up their free SplashLearn account for the fall.

SplashLearn is offering different ways to help children catch up or get ahead this summer:

  1. Learning Program – which kids can use for independent learning at home on their devices. 
  2. Summer Camp – Fun online courses that provide more hands-on, personalized learning through small group classes that are taught by experienced tutors.
  3. SplashLearn for Teachers and Schools – teachers can sign up for free and have access to the full SplashLearn content library.

SplashLearn has been used by 40 million students (and their teachers) in 150 countries already.

SplashLearn for summer learning


SplashLearn sponsored this blog post. All opinions in this review are my own.

Splash Summer Camp Courses for Student Success

This summer, many parents are looking for ways to help their children have fun and learn. Also, many students are ready to reconnect with other students. Splash Summer Camps are organized in small personalized groups conducted by hand-picked tutors. The summer camp courses help students reconnect with other students and their personal tutor as they work to ensure foundations of success.

Many parents  may not be sure where their child is in learning, so these online courses can help students have fun while making sure they are ready for the fall.

Come, join the Splash Summer Camp! Help your children have a splash and learn fearlessly.

Try the first class for free, today!

Option #1: Personalized Splash Summer Camp Courses

These three courses are taught by highly ranked American tutors with collaborative small group classes for individual classes for grades K-5 (select your child’s grade level.) These courses are designed to have personalized attention as tutors make math and ELA fun for kids.

1a Splash Summer Camp: Math Adventure (courses available for K-5)

This real-world experience helps students apply a variety of age-appropriate math skills in real-world stories and scenarios crafted to help students realize that math can relate to their everyday life.

In this summer camp adventure, students will:

  • Create and analyze code
  • Learn how money  operates in the real world
  • Learn how to read maps
  • Discover the role math plays in cooking
  • Solve math quests
  • Solve Sudokus
  • Play lots of math games to reinforce

1b Splash Summer Camp: ELA Adventure (courses available for Grades 3-5)

Similar to the real world experiences for math, this summer camp is a fantastic way to help English Language Arts (ELA) come alive for students. This fun-filled summer adventure in the world of language helps students understand how language and communication relate to the real world.

In the ELA Adventure summer camp, students will:

  • Write poems and stories
  • Solve mysteries
  • Decode secret messages
  • Create advertisements
  • Enhance speaking skills
  • More activities that encourage ELA success

2 Rewind and Revise (Math Refresher Courses for K-5)

For parents who want a solid review of math fundamentals for a grade level to refresh math skills and close any existing learning gaps before school reopens. This unconventional and fun learning experience uses games and activities to keep students engaged while teaching them important math skills.

In the Rewind and Revise math refresher course, students will:

  • Review math skills for the appropriate grade level
  • Experience fun games that review math
  • Help students be well prepared and energized for the fall
I recommend this option for parents who want to make sure their child is ready for the fall and want personalized instruction. I recommend that parents enroll their child and try the first class for free now. 

SplashLearn to help children learn this summer and prepare.

Option #2: SplashLearn for Summer Activities for Children

If a personalized course isn’t for your child, then SplashLearn still has a personal parent dashboard (see picture). Sign up to have your child spend 30-45 minutes a day practicing on math or ELA fundamentals. In this option, students will be able to practice skills as parents see what skills are mastered. 

SplashLearn parent dashboard to help monitor a child's success.

SplashLearn activities are a great option for parents to understand where their child is as it relates to the fundamentals of math and ELA. Parents can see how well their children are performing and understand if there are areas their child needs to master before the fall.

The advantages of this approach include:

  • SplashLearn is multi-platform and works on iOS, Android, and Desktop and also allows students to swap between platforms while tracking performance.
  • Parents have a dashboard to track progress
  • In-depth reports help parents know how their child is performing
  • Instead of just points and leaderboards, SplashLearns’ Game-Based Learning approach starts with pedagogy, has students test the experience for fun, and only shares the final lessons that are fun and pedagogically sound.

SplashLearn includes games with instruction embedded, immersive learning, meaningful interactions, and innovative (and fun) in-game manipulatives.

What do parents say about SplashLearn?

Brandon Wong, parent of a 4-year-old in San Francisco says, 

“SplashLearn comprises many math games that teach my child preK math fundamentals like counting, number sequencing and number recognition. It’s really awesome to see my child learning and also having a healthy screen-time. It has been a great way to supplement the learning loss. The games are byte sized and that makes it super flexible to customize the time my kid spends on SplashLearn each day. It is also very interactive and personalized, so Gavin is able to practice the areas he needs more help with and is able to see all the different achievements he makes as he goes through all the different learning paths. It’s been awesome; the games are really interactive, fun and engaging. Gavin loves to dance to the music and gets all excited to see all the different characters. So it’s really fun to see how much he loves learning while playing these fun games.”

Brandon Young recommends SplashLearn for his son.

I recommend this option for parents who want some fun activities for their children that also serve an important purpose — learning. I do recommend that parents see that their child has some areas where they struggle to enroll a child in a course (listed in option 1) to make sure they are ready.

Option 3: SplashLearn for Schools 

While SplashLearn hired me to review and write about their products for summer, teachers and administrators need to know that this incredible software is available for you to use in your classroom for free. I recommend signing up now and preparing. All of the advantages of Option 2 with a remarkable teacher dashboard that helps you help your students. 

In the fall, schools will have many challenges, some students will be more prepared than others, but learning needs to be fun. SplashLearn will help you help students learn and have fun.

SplashLearn for schools free.

I recommend Option 3 — for every school and teacher who wants to quickly get students on track in the fall as students have fun.

Spend some time looking at SplashLearn and sign up your children or students today!

Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored blog post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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