Top 10 Education Tweets of October

Trends and Topics on Twitter

October is a busy month for teachers. It is also a hard month. We're all looking for inspiration. These resources are being shared by teachers on Twitter. But you don't have to join Twitter to click the links and read the hot topics.

Teaching Growth Mindset with these 10 Statements
The top sketchnote of the month is from Sylvia Duckworth. (Sylvia is a repeat leader on this list.) If you want to analyze your tweets, see how I did it at the bottom of the post.

While I hope you'll join Twitter, some of you won't. That is OK. It is your decision. You're not going to get any guilt from me. The biggest question I think all of us teachers must ask is, “Am I leveling up a little bit every day?” Learning should be the only thing that is not optional for teachers.

This list inspires me to be better, but then again, all of you who are on Twitter made this list. Every time you retweet or reshare or click, it is like a vote. And, as always, you voted well. Some great resources made this month's list of top tweets.

Top Education Tweets – October 2015

1- The Story Behind Kid President

Brad Montague, Kid President's brother in law and producer, talks about the viral hit and how teachers are using it in the classroom. This show and blog post took the #1 and #7 spot. Just listing it once.

2- How to Teach a Growth Mindset in the Classroom

The tweet about how I teach a growth mindset in my classroom had the #2 and #3 and #5 spot! Sylvia Duckworth's sketchnote helps us understand what we should and should not say in the classroom.

3- Understanding Twitter Lingo

Don't assume everyone knows the language of Twitter. We must all welcome beginners by sharing the abbreviations we use.

4 – Teachers Matter Every Day

Teachers matter. We've got an excruciatingly hard life. We must shout from the rooftops the importance of teachers. We must encourage teachers. Many of us are a breath away from saying “I quit.” Please take time to encourage teachers. This a great one to print for the teacher's lounge.

5 – Blog Post from Todd Nesloney from Parents to Teachers

The first one on the list makes me sniff. “As a parent, I wish you knew how much it means to me when you WANT to know about my child; about what makes him tick, about what makes him excited, about what makes him sad.” This blog post is a must read, my precious teacher friends. Share this one!

6- Quote from Dean Shareski from Every Classroom Matters Episode #183 on Student Feedback

We're seeing a cry for joy in classrooms. Great teachers are coming back to the core of who we are: we must have great relationships with our students in order to teach them. As teachers, we must do the right thing even if the right thing is not asked of us. And that is to put our students first. Dean Shareski is just plain inspiring in this piece.

7 – Diigo Social Bookmarking Tutorial

Diigo has a new outlining tool. My students are using outlining to plan out speeches and papers before they start writing. I've included objectives and to-do's for each video. Some teachers are using them — feel free to take them.

8 – Dr. William Jaynes talks about his study of more than 300,000 students and how parents can have a positive impact on their kids.

The unbelievable story he tells about a boy getting hit by a bat stunned and upset me. I think this show has resonated with many. Administrators tell me they are sharing this one with parents. The research shows results you might not expect.

9 – We Don't Let Students Learn from Mistakes – article on Edweek

Wow. You'll really think about this one. This piece shares why so many teachers are failing to teach a growth mindset. I've been standing back, waiting for kids to answer, and letting kids struggle a little more because of this well-written piece by Peter DeWitt.

10 – Padlet How-To Guide

I penned this when Richard Byrne came and taught teachers at my school. Padlet is easy for teachers to use. This step-by-step guide will get you started.

Do you want to look at your Twitter stats?

Reflect and learn by reviewing your own Twitter statistics. Click on your profile name and go to “Analytics.” Here's a screenshot to help you find it. I seem to recall that when I activated Twitter analytics that there were a few things I had to do. If you try to use them and have trouble, will you let us all know so we won't have anyone frustrated? We have to help each other.

Twitter stats

Here is how I accessed my Twitter analytics for October.

One other note, I intentionally call this top education tweets. While all of my top tweets this month were education related, there are times something innocuous might hit the list. The Cool Cat Teacher blog is focused on education, so I am only including education-related tweets.

NOTE: As I've shared before, this is for tweets I've sent. I don't have a way to analyze everyone's tweets on the web. Analytics also includes how many people CLICK on the link. It is hard to analyze the best tweets just on reshares and retweets.

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