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A Weekly Roundup of What's Being Talked About in my PLN

This week, an inspirational blog post inspired by a cellist who played on through the bombing of Sarajevo tops the list of blogs this week. Minecraft and Kid President have educators talking. On Twitter, success, teaching practices, and trying new things are topping the list. (You can add Google Drive to Microsoft Office.) You write this post! Your tweets, retweets, reshares and likes show what you care about. Let's see what you're saying to all of us this week.

top 10 education tweets and blogs

How are the top 10 tweets and posts selected? I used the statistics of traffic on my blog for the blog posts. I used Buffer  analytics to give us the top tweets. Tweet popularity calculates by retweets, favorites, AND clickthroughs.  A clickthrough happens when someone clicks a tweet. Clickthroughs are something you can't see looking at someone's tweets. They can only come from analytics from the person who tweets the tweet. (And knows how to set it up or view it.)

I hope you find something helpful.

Top 10 Blog Posts This Week

Why teachers need to keep going even when it's hard

Why teachers need to keep going even when it's hard topped this week's list of top blogs.

Why Teachers Need to Keep Going Even When It's Hard – Inspired by Vedran Smailovic, the Cellist of Sarajevo, a post encouraging teachers to keep making their music even when they're discouraged.

5 Epic Examples of Minecraft in Schools

Why Minecraft in Schools is the Modern Marvel: 5 Epic Ideas – An Interview on Every Classroom Matters with Lucas Gillispie, the teacher who runs one of the largest implementations of Minecraft in schools in the world.

Kid President helping kids change the world

Kid President: Kids Inspiring Kids to Change the World – an Interview with Brad Montague, director and creator of Kid President

Social media in schools

Social Media in Schools – a piece written for Cathy Rubin from the Global Search for Education top 12 Teacher Blogs answering her question of the month “What is the role of social media in classrooms?”


How to Make Google Chrome Faster, Better and Prettier a tutorial series on the ins and outs of getting the most out of Google Chrome

15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education an older perennial favorite. I'll be updating this one soon with one tweak.

What to Do When Someone Hates You one of the most popular posts I've ever written. Hate is something many of us struggle to overcome. These are truths I learned when grappling with a hate situation of my own. Lots of people read this one after searching for a solution to their problem on Google.

4 Writing Tips for Students

4 Writing Tips for Students

4 Writing Tips to Help the Writing Process – I'm getting thank-you emails about this post more than any other. As you help kids with college essays and high school essays, this post has the tools and tips to help you teach kids. It includes tutorials and links to sites that help you.

notetaking skills for 21st century students

Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students – Note taking has changed. Here are some tips and videos that I share with students and teachers so that when you take notes, you'll remember.

Top 10 Tweets of the Week

12 Mini Habits of Insanely Successful People











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