Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Top 10 Education Blog Posts of 2013

The purpose of the Cool Cat Teacher blog is to help you teach with better results, lead with a positive impact and live with greater purpose.

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Education and teaching is at a turning point and we need full time classroom teachers around the world to take time to share best practices, ideas, and self reflections so we can move forward together. Thank you for reading and for all that you share online for without you, there would be no top anything. Thank you for adding me to your PLN and I hope many more educators will start their own blog in 2014 – it will change your life. 😉 Vicki

How are the top 10 education blog posts calculated?

Using Google Analytics, I totaled stats across my old Blogger blog and my new Blog here at to give you the top posts of 2013 in terms of traffic. I'm linking to the new post here on this blog since I moved here in October.

Top 10 education posts on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog 2013

  1. 89 Lesson Plans and Ideas for Teaching Math
  2. QR Code Classroom Implementation Guide
  3. 15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard – I updated and remixed this in 2013.
  4. 89 Cool Apps, Sites, and Tools for Teaching
  5. 62 Ideas, Lesson Plans, and Humor for English Teachers
  6. 50 Teaching and Lesson Plans that Rock
  7. 10 Ways to be a Terrible Teacher
  8. 54 Teaching and Lesson Plan Ideas for History Teachers
  9. Making the Case for Cell Phones in Schools – Interesting that this 2009 post really gained traction this year.
  10. 5 Stories to Inspire Teachers to Never Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

Runner Up Blog Posts

I cut over to WordPress in mid October, so many of these posts are from but are trending to be some of my most popular posts.

  1. 15 Wrong Ways to Implement the Common Core This was a guest post, by Johnna Weller of Discovery Education, one of the few I did this year.
  2. Wiki Wiki Teaching: The Art of Using Wiki Pages to Teach – My very first post from December 2005 continues to trend, even though I remixed it with more current info in 2011.
  3. The Best Mail App for the iPhone or iPad: Mailbox – A newer post from October 2013.
  4. 18 Epic Productivity Apps – It is astounding that this has made the list as it was just posted December 24 as my gift to readers and probably took 20 hours to write. The number of reads and shares on this post is amazing.
  5. 7 Key Ingredients in the Successful 21st Century Classroom
  6. Why You Should Set Soft Goals for Your Classroom This Year
  7. 10 Ways to End Your School Year on an Up Note when You're Exhausted
  8. Turning Elementary Computer Labs into STEM Labs: A Welcome Change? This interview with Kevin Jarrett and researcher Dr. Jeremy Irvin remains one of my most popular shows on Every Classroom Matters. 
  9. Dropbox Organization Tips for Teachers and the Paperless Classroom
  10. 5 Ways to Teach Gratitude in Your Classroom 

Any educator who shares is a top in my book. Happy New Year and thank you for a great 2013.

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