Haiku Deck in the Classroom: Now Built into Slideshare

Haiku Deck is an essential presentation program for every iPad or tablet. If I need a presentation in literally five minutes it is what I use. It is great when you've identified some knowledge gaps and want to hit them quickly.


Haiku Deck in the Classroom

Haiku Deck easily pulls in Creative Commons images AND cites them for you.  For example, my students voted on the lesson they wanted on the last day of school. It was how to “get” more followers on Twitter. (You don't “get” followers. IF you're helpful people add you to their lives and PLN. That was the first thing I corrected. 😉 )

I like students to use Haiku Deck because they can focus on what they want to say instead of finding the perfect picture. The pictures they've curated are incredible.

Citations are handled for you!

How to mobilize followers – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Haiku Deck is now Inside Slideshare

When I opened Feedly this morning I could have shrieked. Richard Byrne made the announcement that HaikuDeck now works inside Slideshare. Slideshare is where you can go to embed and share slides across all platforms. Many of us use it to share our presentations, keynotes, etc.

If you haven't used one or both of these and you give presentations, now is the time.



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