The Hidden Qualities of Effective Educators

Matthew Kohut claims people make a decision with a tenth of a second about a person’s warmth. Projecting a sense of warmth is imperative for teachers. Matthew and co-author John Neffinger, said in Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential that character is how one chooses to be not the way one is born.

Listen now to Matthew Kohut

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Listen now to Matthew Kohut

Matthew Kohut- Show #81 – The Two Hidden Qualities of Effective Educators

Based upon research in social science, Matthew Kohut claims there are universal metaphors that cue our bodies via hormonal boosts to trust people. Humans can influence their public speaking abilities by body pose and influence others with non-verbal communication. Matthew reminds us to align the visual, the vocal, and the verbal when speaking to others. These are three channels that are most effective when they work together. Matthew reminds us effective educators also project a sense of strength and warmth. Listen now to find out more on this research about the qualities on which our social judgements hinge.

This show centers upon something called “embodied cognition.” The position of your body impacts how you think and feel in powerful ways. I highly recommend Matthew Cohut's book Compelling People as a way to understand this concept. — Vicki Davis

5 Useful Things to Gain from Listening to this Show

  • The ideal pose to take before you speak
  • Warmth and Strength and how they impact you as a teacher (and are different for men and women)
  • What is embodied cognition?
  • How do we decide what people we will trust and like?
  • What is some interesting research to help me understand how my body impacts how others view me?
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2 thoughts on “The Hidden Qualities of Effective Educators

  1. I loved listening to this. Fred Jones’ book “Tools for Teaching” was TRANSFORMATIVE in my teaching. I started teaching on an emergency certification, and knew none of this! It was the one thing besides “The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher” by Wong that made a difference for me. Great reading for any teacher.

    • Wow, Amy! I agree too! I love both of those books! I love the first days of school also. To essential books to read for every educator. I so agree! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!