50+ Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom [Video]

From the Cool Cat Teacher YouTube Channel

Looking for new ideas for using technology in the classroom? Trying to figure out what's next?

Well, recently I had to record a video just in case the weather wasn't so great in Pittsburg, Kansas for my virtual keynote. I thought that some of you might be looking for a little summer PD and would take the 45 minutes or so to learn something new. I also share my simple 2-step strategy of innovation.

If you want the links to be clickable from the presentation, you can use the 50+ Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom Slides from Slideshare below.

I think that the most critical take-away is the strategy of innovation that works for anyone. Let's also dispel the myth about age and innovation in education by talking about one of my heroes!

You can use technology in the classroom. Take time for some personal PD today by watching this or the countless tutorials you can find on YouTube and throughout the web. Level up a little every day!

QUESTION:What are some new technologies that excite you? Please share! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “50+ Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom [Video]

  1. Hi Vickie,

    Thank you for the great compilation of teaching tools. I just watched your video and am very eager to try a few things in my classroom as well.

    The first thing I will do is go at ‘socrative’. From what I’ ve seen so far after having opened an account, it is truly a great tool for informal/ formative assessment.

    Curious to try out more!
    Keep posting!

    Warm greetings from the Canadian Prairies,

  2. Thanks for sharing. I learned about some new tools that I needed! It also helped remind of some old tools worth using. Time well spent for me. 🙂 Love the To Do 3 List. My Golden Rule in most everything I do is if it requires more than 3 Major steps it ain’t happening!

  3. Thank you Vicki for “50+ ways” – Wow.

    Some of sites/tools which I really like are these

    languages – Yabla – subscription +- 8$/month, innovative use of short videos.
    Languages – Wordreference.com – just the facts.

    Everything – Quizlet with massiveuploaded quiz base and clever quiz options etc.

    Art – Google Art Project – Streetview thru world museums and more

    Images – http://flickrhivemind.net – [ “…Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies. ” – notes at the bottom of the page ]

    • Thanks for sharing these, David. Cool. I haven’t seen the Art project or the Flickr Hive Mind. Some very cool things! Yes, my students LOVE LOVE Quizlet but also like Brainscape. Two cool ones. thanks for sharing and adding more to the list!