Technology Driven Differentiated Instruction

I had a great time in Illinois (check out the archives on my wiki), but perhaps my favorite presentation was the new one I created for this conference about Technology Driven Differentiated Instruction.

Here are my slides:

Here is the presentation:
I ustreamed it and the audio and video is not so great, however, you could take a look at the slides and listen to the preso.

Sometimes when we have to think through these things it helps us set in concrete our own beliefs. I've always hated the convoluted charts that didn't make much sense to me and this helped me clarify and better understand it myself. I'm glad they let me do this presentation and I really want to do this one again!

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10 thoughts on “Technology Driven Differentiated Instruction

  1. Vicki,

    Thanks so much for your generous sharing. I am just beginning to get schools to listen. And, your charts and presentations really do help tremendously. I was in Starbucks the other night trying to participate with your Ustream but had to give up because I couldn’t hear very well, nor see that charts. But now that you have posted both the presentation and the charts I can catch up!

    I really love the mapping of Web 2.0 tools and activities to multiple intelligences – differentiated learning. This sort of demystifying will facilitate integrating programs with administrations, coordinators, teachers, etc.

    Thanks — Frank

  2. Thank you so much for this presentation. I loved the wheels with the various learning styles, the way you flowcharted blogging and the fact that the rss feed is monitoring.

  3. That presentation is so informative for technology in the classroom. I especially like how you showed how Wikis, Digital Story Telling, and other forms of technology can fulfill all 8 forms of learning. It was a great image for me to see, and I can now see just how helpful these tools are in the classroom. As a student who hopes to teach high school in the future, I am new to all this school use of technology. But your presentation truly brought a better perspective to its use in schools.

    Also, I thought it was very clever to relate the teaching values of a classroom to parts of a car. The visuals help so much to bring it all in focus.

  4. Vicky,

    I went through your presentation and second all the comments. Wonderful and very clear – wish I’d of been there to hear the narrative, I’ll try the Ustream.

    Have you ever tried for slide sharing? Great audio and also much better streaming of the slides (I’ve switched from slideshare for those reasons in particular).

    Thanks so much for sharing and making us all think a little more about our classrooms for the benefit of our students.


  5. I think that integrating technology in the classroom while implementing differentiated instruction is great! The school district that I am working in we are starting to use a computer program where the teacher can go in first and adjust the students starting point according to their instructional level without the student knowing. This allows for the students to start at a level where they can be successful and not get easily frustrated.
    I also like this program because based on how well the student does, it will print out papers to send home for the parent and child to work on together. All papers will be different according to where the student is in the program. This is a great tool to used after a lesson and to reinforce the learning from the classroom.

  6. I love your blog! It was a very nice read.. keep up the good work you are very talented!…

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