Stop Struggling! Teach English Language Learners with Karaoke!

An Every Classroom Matters Episode

Jon Schwartz is the California teacher who created Rockademix.  He found that Karaoke is an incredible way to teach reading and English as a Second Language (ESL) students. You'll find so many ideas that you can use to teach reading (and any subject). This method can produce great results! The California state Senate named Jon “Tech Hero of 2011.” If you write music, maybe you should write some for your classroom. If not, start looking for some!

Important Takeaways

  • How a blues song unlocked a child struggling to learn English and how it led to the creation of a company.
  • How Karaoke can boost reading.
  • Free ways that every child can create music in any classroom.
  • How Jon's classroom transformed when he started using music to teach kids.
  • How to engage kids who are struggling readers by using music.

Educator Resources

A Peek into Jon's Classroom

Jon shares the music that started it all and how you can download a free copy of the Constitution song and video with dance moves.

Interview Links

Other ECM Shows on Music

We've had quite a few other award winning educators who are demonstrating to all of us how well music works in the classroom! There's a reason many of us remember the Saturday Morning “Schoolhouse Rock” songs we sang about the US government. “I'm Just a Bill” or “Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?”

If you're struggling to teach something. Find a song! Teachers are writing music everywhere now!

Listen to Jon Schwartz

Using the visual and performing arts to engage students

[tweetthis]Watch this video to see how the blues teach about the constitution[/tweetthis]
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