Student Video: Moonwalking on the Sun

Teacher Dan Parker from Toronto, Ontario posted a class video called “Moonwalking on the Sun” about the challenges of being present in the classroom when your mind is moonwalking on the sun (with a hat tip tribute to Michael Jackson.) (Dan posted this on my Facebook page which is a place I go where people share things and I learn a lot.)

Some cool creativity here. So, the video isn't perfect “theorectically” for lots of educators whatever and some won't care for it, but it grew on me and I liked it. I'm actually singing this song to myself now as I write this.

The thing about is this – I bet their minds weren't moonwalking as they made this video. They look like they spent a ton of time on this AND ENJOYED IT. Do things the students enjoy. Bring them IN to the classroom.

Rappers (in order of appearance): Warren, Fiz, Chris, Leo, Brian.
Narrator: Ed, AKA the Ice Cream Man.
Song production, vocals, video editing, coach: Mr. Parker.
Extra beat production: Stanley Bouchi-Lamontagne.
Community: Laurenhill Academy. Thanks to all those who appeared in the video, those who supported the hip hop battles, and a special shout out to Mr. Bilodeau, Ms Amarasekera and the LHA administration.

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3 thoughts on “Student Video: Moonwalking on the Sun

  1. Yes!! I love your last line “Bring them into the classroom.” As a teacher these were the times my students and I had most fun. I especially love watching them perform. They crack me up. Too bad these days I get so much resistance from administrators. Fun has become a “no-no” because it’s not something they’ll be tested on, I guess.

  2. Yes!!! We need more of this. I love your last line: “Bring them into the classroom”. As a teacher, some of the best times I had with my students was watching them perform. They love hamming it up and the effort they put into these things is unreal. Plus they just crack me up. Unfortunately over the past few years administrators, seem to frown on having fun in the classroom, regardless of whether it’s engaging the students, it’s not on the test. It’s a sad thing.

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