Sown to Grow: Nurturing a Growth Mindset Through Reflection

How Student Goal Setting and Reflection Can Be Game-Changing in the Classroom

Sown to Grow is a student-driven platform where students set goals and reflect on their learning. This tool is designed to help them own their learning and understand their progress while providing teachers with valuable feedback about how students feel about the process of learning. Sown to Grow nurtures a growth mindset.
sown to grow growth mindset reflection software
As students reflect and track their own progress, they also receive feedback from teachers and insights from the software. As a result, students get better at learning, build a growth mindset, and achieve stronger academic outcomes.

Sponsored by Sown to Grow, which offers a two-week pilot. If you pilot before the end of the school year, they’ll extend your free trial through December 2018!

How Do Teachers Use the Software?

Teachers can see student progress and provide feedback to students who are reflecting on their success. The advantage of this method is that we’re looking past the score to see the behavior that causes students to earn that particular score. Students also reveal the why’s behind their achievement (or lack of it) to help teachers understand their frustrations and challenges.

Sown to Grow student growth mindset software

This means teachers can see how their class is feeling. This social-emotional feedback is important in encouraging students to learn and bring their best. It also helps teachers know when they need to help students with an underlying issue before moving on.

As I often say, you must relate before you educate, and this software helps build that important student-teacher relationship around learning.

Overview of Sown to Grow

Key Features of Sown to Grow

  • Builds self-tracking, reflection, and learning skills that help build a growth mindset, student agency, and academic success
  • Guides students with evidence-based learning strategies
  • Students take ownership of grades as they enter them and track their progress
  • Integrates with Google Classroom. Rosters and assignments sync directly with Sown to Grow
  • Positively impacts student mindset and academic outcomes
  • A fantastic tool to help with student-led parent-teacher conferences

What Does the Research Say About Sown to Grow?

Evidence of Positive Impact on Academic Outcomes. In a '17-'18 study conducted by an independent researcher at UCLA, middle school students using Sown To Grow earned significantly higher academic GPAs compared to a control group.  The sixth-grade teacher implemented a routine of goal setting and reflection in which students spent only ten minutes per week tracking their grades in each class and reflecting on their progress.  

See the chart below for a quick summary of the differences in performance and check out Sown To Grow’s impact page for more info on how this practice is positively shifting mindsets and academic outcomes.

Sown to Grow student growth mindset strategy

What Do Students Say?

Try Sown to Grow Today

Two Weeks Are All You Need! Sown to Grow has a great resource to help you try out this practice in your classroom before the end of the school year.  That way, you can see how it works and start thinking more deeply about how to integrate it into your routines for next year.

Using their two-week pilot guide, you can try Sown to Grow, empower students to reflect on their learning, and uncover immediate insights.  For those who pilot before the end of this school year, they’ll extend your free trial through December 2018!


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