Some Big AI Problems: The Eliza Effect and More

While many people have concerns about AI, let's talk about some specific AI concerns that we should be discussing. Tom Mullaney shares his biggest concerns with AI in education as a conversation starter.

Yes, everyone is talking about AI.  However, how do the concerns about AI apply to our classrooms today? Tom Mullaney talks about concerns with:

  • The Eliza effect – where people attribute human characteristics such as trust and credibility, to text-generating computers. This can be dangerous when combined with the biases and inaccuracies inherent in large language models and is vital for educators to understand as we talk about AI with students.
  • The concerns about using AI as “guest speakers” even for something seemingly “harmless” like “the water cycle.”
  • Concerns with humanizing AI.
  • Discussing the “On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots” paper by Dr. Emily M. Bender et all which discusses the ethical issues and harms of large language models, including bias and environmental racism.
  • Debunking the myth that AI will have values and beliefs.
  • Practical applications of AI in the classroom
  • The challenges of citing generative AI in the classroom.
  • Why it is vital to teach about AI's ethical implications and encourage critical thinking with the use of AI in the classroom.
  • Why educators should stay informed about AI so they can guide students to effectively and responsibly use the AI that is becoming embedded in their technology.

Scroll down to listen to today's podcast or watch the YouTube video as we talk about the major problems with AI in today's classrooms.

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Quote from tom Mullaney in this podcast. The biggest harms or concerns about AI are bias, inaccuracy, environmental degradation, plagiarism, theft... There's a basic concern, I think, about giving voice to the dead. I think there's there's a little ickiness there for an AI chatbot to replicate the voice of deceased members of marginalized communities. Sounds very problematic to me.
Artificial intelligence imitates humans. That's what it does. It imitates humans, but it's not a human... I really stress with my students, we don't call it a he or she. AI is an it. It's a tool. It supports us and it has to have its proper role." Vicki Davis, Classroom teacher in episode 855 of the 10 minute teacher podcast

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Episode 855 - the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Some Big AI Problems: The Eliza Effect and More

Tom Mullaney, former Special Education Teacher and Instructional Design Coach

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    Tom Mullaney - Bio as Submitted

    Tom Mullaney (he/him) is a former teacher who uses his Special Education and Instructional Design background to help teachers design inclusive lessons with creativity, collaboration, and fun. Tom’s public education experience includes Special Education, Social Studies, educational technology coaching, and digital design. He is an Adobe for Education Creative Educator Innovator and Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer who has spoken at national conferences including SXSW EDU, the National Council for the Social Studies, and ISTE.



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