App Smashing has become the conversation rage of late. The best explanation I can give you was already given by Jon Corippo in his “App Smashing FALL CUE” presentation. Jon quotes Greg Kulowiec to define app smashing as:

  1. Created content with one app
  2. Created content with another app or apps
  3. Merge content together (smashing)
  4. Publish the content to the web.

I do this when I look up quotes online (Safari) and then pull them into Quoter, then send them to Instagram to share them. Each app does a different part of the workflow. I love the linear flow and hyperlinks in Jon's presentation so I hope you'll take time to flip through it. (H/T Darren Kuropatwa for liking this on Slideshare which then popped this up to my slideshare homepage.)

If this interests you:

  • Follow Greg Kulowiec who seems to be quoted everywhere you hear people talk about App Smashing. (Rightly so, he coined the term)
  • Richard Wells (@ipadwells) also has an excellent overview of why you should app smash. (Hear Richard talk about iPads and the SAMR Model) Richard has some fantastic graphics such as the one shown below explaining his smashes. Consider having your students smash and create a similar chart.
A Thinkling comic app smash.

An App Smash graphic from Richard Wells, he has tons of them.

TIP: If you want to find amazing things just follow people like John and Darren on Slideshare. (Here's mine.) He has so many great presentations as do many others. Inspiration is just a click away on slideshare. (Plus, now you can even create slides on Slideshare using Haiku Deck – how crazy is that?

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