Sketchnoting Fans: Paper 53 Built a Sketchnote Community

Paper by 53, a favorite sketchnoting app of many, gets major updates like cloud backup and Activity Center where you can share and find sketchnotes of others. This is very cool for sketchnoting fans and those who just like information. While I struggle with sketchnoting, I have this app and will be playing with it more this summer.

Via Paper by Fifty Three Gets Updates on App Advice

Sketchnoting is awesome!

3 Resources To Get You Started with Sketchnotes

  1. Sylvia Duckworth’s incredible presentation Sketchnoting for Beginners.
  2. Kathy Schrock’s Sketchnoting guide
  3. Smashing Magazine’s Article on Sketchnoting


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6 thoughts on “Sketchnoting Fans: Paper 53 Built a Sketchnote Community

  1. Hi Vicki,

    This is a great post. Plan on trying my hand at Sketchnoting. It would help if I could actually draw 🙂 Trying Paper FiftyThree app first.

    Love your blog, Marcelle